Going to the Panorama “Attraction”

Oct. 24

Samantha Gorman, Hao Gu, Nonny De la Pena, and I all went to the Valaslavasay Panorama with Holly Willis’ class on October 24.

Here we’re enjoying the immersive panorama of an arctic tundra, stylized on an attraction from long before Universal Studios and Disney land. The mixture of 2d painting, 3d sculpture, and audio was pretty effective at creating an immersive landscape that helped you imagine what the world must be like in the icy depths of the north pole. The image of the north pole itself (an obsession of the age of exploration) was not unwittingly the chosen theme for a medium of total and unframed vision, as both represent overarching assumptions about the role of knowledge during the Enlightenment.

The painter of the panorama gave us a great history lesson about the tradition of panorama and about all of the amazing performances and films they host at the theater in addition to their panorama.