Healthy Food Ride LA

2013 Participatory Map
Healthy Food Ride LA video thumbnail

On March 3rd, I got the privilege to join the Healthy Food Map ride and shoot a documentary about the event. It was my first time riding with the Ride South LA crew and it was an amazing experience.

The ride was a great way to see community research and outreach in action. It brought together a diverse group interested in spreading knowledge about healthy food in South LA. The bike ride created a spectacular event that not only drew attention to the map but also embodied the types of healthy lifestyles that the map advocates for.

Along the route, cyclist visited community gardens at Normandie Elementary and healthy food locations such as Mama’s Chicken and Mercado la Paloma. The locations are only a few key nodes in the larger network of healthy food projects and stores in the area. Yet, many participants I interviewed were astonished and surprised by these hidden gems in the community.

The map was created by a group of South LA students to identify healthy food locations in their neighborhoods. The map focuses on pedestrian and bike routes to help support those without a car. The ride itself was a celebration of bike culture and imagining what a bike friendly Los Angeles could look like. As the riders streamed through the neighborhood streets, South LA residents often came out of their homes to photograph or cheer on the group.